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About Us


A digital product company specialized in entertainment technology. Focusing on fluid and sustainable execution model in delivering innovation, we are always ready to break the ground.

Ever-ready for the new.


Committed to help businesses provide the best experience for their users and to be recognised as the sensational global entertainment provider that establish unconventional as the new norm.


To liberate business from conventional wisdom.

Company Timeline

Golden Bridge Drive (GBD) was founded in Taiwan in 2012. We have been developing our first generation of product since 2013 and launched 6 versions of it before starting GBD Singapore in 2018.

GBD Singapore was set up with paramount objective of strengthening our products to enhance the experience of our users and clients. GBD Singapore is relatively new here in Singapore but we are powered by our very own trusty innovation that has been persistently refined over the years.

Founded GBD Taiwan
Launch of Alpha
Launch of Beta & Ceta
Launch of Delta, Gamma & Echo
Established GBD Singapore
Expansion of GBD Singapore

Our Expertise


GBD Design Team specialise in game conceptualisation and ensuring the best experience with captivating interfaces for users.


GBD Frontend Team specialise in software development on both web and mobile, delivering the most stable softewares for users.


GBD Backend Team harness the available data and guarantee to develop the most efficient, secured and personalised solution for users.

GBD Team

I’ve seen many “high-tech” companies emphasise the importance of technology, but most of them fail to walk the talk. Bringing Golden Bridge Drive in to Singapore, is my way of walking the talk.

In the past 11 years, I’ve witnessed numerous missed opportunities in the entertainment industry. There remains great potential for innovation and creativity in this industry. With its huge talent pool and continuous drive towards technological excellence, Singapore is the perfect place for this initiative.

I would love to see the rising stars join us in this amazing journey to revolutionise the entertainment industry.


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